The book translated by Hamid Pirhadi has been released by the Elmi Farhangi Publishing Company under the title of “Mr. Orange & Mrs. Orange”.

The book, also illustrated by Horacek, tells the story of Jonathan and Martha, two lonely orange worms that live on opposite sides of a tree. One day, a big juicy pear lands on the ground between them. Jonathan nibbles from the left, and Martha from the right… and soon they are caught in a tangle.

Using his signature style of eye-catching illustration, collage and a simple narrative, Horacek weaves together a story that captures the essence of friendship.

“Jonathan & Martha” is a classic story that teaches children and adults about the importance of sharing.

Horacek grew up in Prague and trained as a graphic designer, illustrator and painter. 

He has written and illustrated many books for children, including “Animal Opposites”, “Strawberries Are Red” and “The Greedy Goat”. He lives in England.

Horacek has experience entertaining audiences of all ages from tiny children to groups of adults.

He delivers highly visual talks featuring readings from his picture books, showing the illustrations and sketches he has made for them, as well as explaining how he develops his ideas. 

Source:Tehran Times