Azadeh Masunia is the translator of the book published by Saless in Tehran.

Wabi sabi is a captivating concept from Japanese aesthetics, which helps us to see beauty in imperfection, appreciate simplicity and accept the transient nature of all things. 

With roots in zen and the way of tea, the timeless wisdom of wabi sabi is more relevant than ever for modern life, as we search for new ways to approach life’s challenges and seek meaning beyond materialism.

Wabi sabi is a refreshing antidote to our fast-paced, consumption-driven world, which will encourage you to slow down, reconnect with nature, and be gentler on yourself. 

It will help you simplify everything, and concentrate on what really matters.

From honoring the rhythm of the seasons to creating a welcoming home, from reframing failure to ageing with grace, wabi sabi will teach you to find more joy and inspiration throughout your perfectly imperfect life.

This book is the definitive guide to applying the principles of wabi sabi to transform every area of your life, and finding happiness right where you are.

Kempton is an expert on Japanese studies and a bestselling self-help author and writer mentor, whose books have been translated into 24 languages, who loves uncovering life lessons and philosophical ideas buried in Japanese culture, words and ritual.

Source: Tehran Times