iplomatics is the science of critical analysis of documents, especially historical ones.

Houriyeh Saeidi of the Archives Research Institute said, “The project aims to study the history and identity of different types of documents for archivists and documentarians in Iran,”.

“Despite the various encyclopedias and dictionaries in the country, the absence of an encyclopedia in the field of archives and documents had always been felt. Little work has been done throughout the years to distinguish between different deeds in terms of form, content, and methodology,” Saeidi added.

“We embarked on the project more than four years ago with the help of numerous researchers, and now the book is ready for publication, in 300 chapters and 900 pages,” said Saeidi.

Saeidi also said that according to some high-profile historians and experts, like Japanese professor, Nobuaki Kondo of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, the book will also be the first of its kind to be published in the world.

Source: Iran Daily