The new course opened on July 8 at Iranian Embassy in Pakistan and will last three months.

Students of the course will learn Persian at the basic level through books published by Saadi Foundation.

Khazaei, spoke about the benefits of learning Persian language, and referred to the status and background of the Persian language and the cultural, historical and linguistic commonalities between the two Muslim countries of Iran and Pakistan.

He added, “Learning Persian language will make you familiar with Iranian culture and civilization and also help understand the beautiful concepts of Persian literature and poetry.”

Khazaei said because of the linguistic commonalities and script of Persian and Urdu, learning Persian is not a problem for Urdu speakers and they can learn it sooner than others.

He said the existence of a large number of Persian manuscripts in Pakistan also shows the interest of the Pakistani people in the Persian language.

Khazaei said famous people and poets guide nations through their thoughts, adding that Rumi, Ferdowsi, Iqbal Lahori, Sa’di and Hafez do not belong to one land but to the entire world.

He also read few verses of Pakistani philosopher, poet, and politician Muhammad Iqbal Lahori in Persian.

Source: Iran Daily