The day was first marked on the Persian calendar in 2002 by the Iran Pen Society and the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution.

However, the occasion is rooted in the ancient era of Hooshang, the second king of the Pishdadian Dynasty, who gathered the writers and honored them in the Tirgan Festival celebrated on July 4.

Iran Pen Society, on its official website, commemorated the day as “an opportunity to highlight the status of writers, who dedicated their lives to promote the culture and art of this country.”

“A pen is a tool for creating and writing down the history and culture. Blessed is the society that cherishes this value and marks it on the calendar,” added the statement.

The closing ceremony of the Golden Pen Award was held in Tehran on Monday, to award the best works in poem and storytelling for children and adults, as well as literary reviews and researches.

Meanwhile, Iranian Education Minister Mohsen Haji-Mirzaei, on Twitter, congratulated the day to “all intellectuals of my country.”

Additionally, high-profile Iranian poet Abbas Khosh-Amal – a former journalist and editor at numerous newspapers and magazines – was granted a Grade A Art Certificate by the Culture Ministry and Iranian Book and Literature Home, during a ceremony at his home.

Source: Iran Daily