Translated by Iraqi poet Muhammad Amin al-Karkh and Moroccan poet Rachid Ouhti, the book was unveiled on the sidelines of the seventh edition of the Cap Spartel International Film Festival.

The book was published by the Moroccan publisher Khemisset.

The director of the festival, Izzuddin Wafi, said, “It is our pleasure that for the second time, a work by the late artist Abbas Kiarostami was present in our festival, and the poems of this great Iranian cineaste, which have been translated into French, English, and other languages have also been translated into Arabic. Fortunately, the translation was well received, and the Cup Spartel is proud to present, for the first time, all of the valuable filmmaker’s poems in Arabic to literature and art lovers.”

The Moroccan festival paid tribute to Kiarostami during its fourth edition in 2017.

Source: Iran Daily