The Tehran-based Organization for Researching and Composing University Textbooks in the Humanities – SAMT is the publisher of the book translated into Persian by Yaser Khoshnevis.

From the end of the Enlightenment to the middle of the twentieth-century philosophy took fascinating and controversial paths whose relevance to contemporary post-modernist thought is becoming ever clearer. 

This volume traces the English-language side of the period, while also taking into account those continental thinkers who deeply influenced twentieth-century, English-language philosophy. 

The story begins with Reid, Coleridge and Bentham, who set the agenda for much that followed, and continues with a portrait of the nineteenth century’s greatest British philosopher, John Stuart Mill. 

It then surveys the cross-currents of thought at the end of the century, including American pragmatism, a movement never more influential than now. 

Finally, it assesses two phases of what Skorupski calls “analytic modernism”, the revolution against the idealism of Moore and Russell, and the Viennese sequel whose project was to show that philosophy consists of pseudo-problems.

Skorupski is a British philosopher whose main interests are epistemology, ethics and moral philosophy, political philosophy, and the history of 19th and 20th-century philosophy. 

He is best known for his work on John Stuart Mill and his study of normativity, “The Domain of Reasons”.

Source:Tehran Times