The play has been translated into Persian by Mazdak Bulori, a professor at Allameh Tabatabai University.

Written by Alan Bennett in 1991, “The Madness of George III” is about the struggle of George III with his mental illness and his court’s incompetence to handle his condition.

George III’s behavior has often been odd, but now he is deranged, with rumors circulating that he has even addressed an oak tree as the King of Prussia. Doctors are brought in, the government wavers and the Prince Regent maneuvers himself into power.

Bennett’s play explores the court of a mad king, and the fearful treatments he was forced to undergo. It is about the nature of kingship itself, showing how by subtle degrees the ruler’s delirium erodes his authority and status.

“The Madness of George III” premiered by director Nicholas Hytner in London at the Lyttelton Theatre of the National Theatre on November 28, 1991.

Born in Leeds and a graduate of Oxford University, Bennett is an award-winning dramatist, English actor, author, playwright and screenwriter who was first seen in the spotlight through his appearance in the satirical play “Beyond the Fringe” at the Edinburgh Festival.

His credits also include “Forty Years On” and “The History Boys”.

Bennett declined a knighthood and an Oxford University honorary doctorate, but was nominated for an Oscar in 1995 for his adaptation of “The Madness of George III”.

Source: Tehran Times