‘The Art of Ottoman Calligraphy,’ a book written by Turkish author Süleyman Berk, was translated into Persian and released by Iran’s Islamic School of Art Publications.

The book, which examines the history and basic concepts of the art of calligraphy in the Ottoman period, is organized into five discourses, each of which includes a main topic and its sub-topics. 

The author is one of the contemporary calligraphers and researchers of Turkey and his book titled ‘Istanbul Calligraphers’ was published in Iran in 2017.

The translated version has added other sources to give further information.

Each discourse has photos, many of which have not yet been published. The total number of photos in the book is 245.

The book is one of the important works of Islamic calligraphy studies that could be considered and used as a reference for researchers and students.

It also elaborates on the basics of calligraphy, historical discourse and theory, and abundance of illustrations. Also, for the first time, 18 copies of the exquisite Mus'hafs (a written copy of Qur’an.) of the Ottoman period are introduced in this book.

The book was translated by Mehdi Qorbani and Soraya Moniri and published in 302 pages.

Source: Iran Daily