The Iranian National Commission for UNESCO cooperated in organizing the videoconference.

The conference begins with a message from the secretary-general of the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO Hojjatollah Ayoubi, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Turkmenistan Gholam-Abbas Arbab Khales, and the head of Mevlana Museum in Turkey, Naji Bakerji.

Abdolmehdi Mostakin (director of the cultural department of Iranian National Commission for UNESCO), Shokoufeh Akbarzadeh (Afghan writer and researcher), Reza Ashrafzadeh (expert in Attar studies), and Akhtar Husain (head of the Institute of Indo-Persian Studies) are among lecturers of the event.

Attar Neyshaburi is a famous Iranian sage, mystic, and poet, whose works are of high significance in Iran and the world’s culture and literature, organizers of the videoconference said.

Iranian National Commission for UNESCO registered Iranian philosopher Abu Nasr Farabi’s 1150th birthday and Attar’s 800th death anniversary on its 2020 and 2021 calendars of events, respectively.

Source: Iran Daily