The books were unveiled during a ceremony attended by Deputy Culture Minister for Artistic Affairs Seyyed Mojtaba Hosseini, Roudaki Foundation Managing Director Mahdi Afzali, and the director of the Art and Cinema Office of the foundation, Mahmud Sezavar, at Vahdat Hall on Tuesday.

Speaking at the ceremony, Sezavar said that the books have helped preserve the culture of sacrifice and Sacred Defense.

He called the role of the writers and artists in developing the culture of Sacred Defense very important, and added, “We need a good text for a good performance because if all the actors are good but the text lacks attractiveness, it will not influence the audience.” 

He added that many have written about the Sacred Defense but they have not had good knowledge of the issue and it has not had real influence. 

He said that he has written all the plays published in the books; they are all about sacrifice, bravery, and martyrdom.

He added that the foundation has published 30 books previously for public performances.

Afzali next said that there must be greater efforts to keep the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom live and dynamic and help transfer this culture to the younger generation. 

He emphasized that cultural organizations have more responsibilities these days, adding, “The youth could preserve this land well, and today our cultural borders are more important. 

He said that the Rudaki Foundation is ready to cooperate for creating artistic works on the Sacred Defense and collaborate with other organizations.

Among the plays published in the collection are “My Father Is a Hero” and “The War of the Treasures” by Reza Bayat, “Like Nobody” by Ali Kuchaki and Chitra Naderi, “Salma” and “Bridge” by Hassan Azimi, and “A Story from the Heart of the Sand” by Mahmud Teimuri. 

Source: Tehran Times