Besat 27 is the publisher of “Mountain of Fire” compiled by Golali Babai.

The book also gives extensive reports on the reconnaissance made by the division in the Bamu-Darbandikhan axis, and the operations Valfajr (Dawn) 3 and 4 from April to December 1983.

The reports have been produced based on a number of first-hand documents that have been preserved at some reliable archives, most of which have not been published before. 

The major report of the book focuses on the long and difficult reconnaissance mission made by the division in the Bamu-Darbandikhan axis during 1983 to gather information for carrying out operations Valfajr 5 and 3 in the Mehran and Diali regions, and Operations Valfajr 4 in the Shiler, Marivan and Panjvein regions.   

In an introduction to the book, Babai wrote that the book line by line has been authored based on the written and verbal documents prepared by research centers for the war. 

27th Muhammad Rasulullah Division was established as the 27th Muhammad Rasulullah Brigade by Ahmad Motevasselian and Mohammad-Ebrahim Hemmat during the war, and was expanded into a division just before the Jerusalem Operation.

A biography of Abbas Varamini, a commander of the 27th Muhammad Rasulullah Division was published earlier in 2018.

Javad Kalateh-Arabi is the writer of the book entitled “In the Tumult of Silence”.

Varamini was an educated individual different from his companions. He was a coordinator in the process of capturing the American Embassy in Tehran. 

After the formation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), there was a necessity to recruit experienced experts and forces, and Varamini entered IRGC and later participated in several operations during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.

He was martyred during an operation on the Panjvein frontline in November 1983. 

“In the Tumult of Silence” contains four seasons named “Unforgettable District”, “Years of Tension”, “Towards the University of Frontline” and “In the Tumult of Silence”.

The book was selected for Arabic translation in a book fair held in Beirut in 2019.

Source:Tehran Times