The category includes the subsections of Dramatic Arts, Visual Arts, Plays, Architecture and Urban Planning, Music and Physical Education.

A Persian translation of Claudia Hunter Johnson’s “Crafting Short Screenplays That Connect” by Mohammad Gozarabadi is competing in the Dramatic Arts section.

This book stands alone among screenwriting books by emphasizing that human connection, though often overlooked, is as essential to writing effective screenplays as conflict. This groundbreaking book shows you how to advance and deepen your screenwriting skills, increasing your ability to write richer, more resonant short screenplays that will connect with your audience.

This category also features a Persian translation of Angelos Koutsourakis’ “The Cinema of Theo Angelopoulos” by Vahid Ruzbehani.

This book argues that Angelopoulos’ films are not emblems of a bygone historical and cultural era or abstract exercises in artistic style, but are foreshadowing documents that speak to the political complexities and economic contradictions of the present.

Ben Long’s “Complete Digital Photography” translated into Persian by Dariush Esmaeili is a highlight of the nominees in the Visual Arts category.

A Persian translation of François Soulages’ “Esthétique de la photographie” by Mohammadreza Abolqasemi and Lucy Soutter’s “Why Art Photography?” translated into Persian by Mohsen Bairamnejad are also competing in this section.

This category also has Erwin Panofsky’s “Perspective as Symbolic Form” translated into Persian by Mohammad Sepahi and “Kubacheh Pottery” by Firuz Mahjur.

“Myth of Rasta” by Farshad Fereshte-Hekmat and “Karl Valentin” by Dariush Moaddabian are competing in the Play section.

A major nominee in the Architecture and Urban Planning section is a Persian rendition of “History of Interior Design” co-written John Pile and Judith Gura. Mohammadreza Namdari, Lida Hosseinzadeh and Elaheh Neshat are the translators of the book. 

Nominees in this section also include “Place and Place-Making in Public Spaces of Cities” written by Mohammad Naqizadeh, “Architecture of Formative Changes” co-written by Mahmud Golabchi, Katayun Taqizadeh and Ehsan Sorushnia, “High-Performance Architecture: Reframing the Future of Iranian Architecture” by Mohammad-Javad Mahdavinejad, “Landscape Architectural Concepts: Design Methods for Urban Parks” by Azadeh Shahcheraghi and “Stable Patterns for Green Walls” by Mehdi Hamzenejad and Mahyar Kolyai.

“Nicety in Public Places: Tehrani Ode Reciting and Its Socio-Cultural Provisions” by Sasan Fatemi and “Music in Ghaznavid Period” by Hossein Meisami are competing in the Music section.

A Persian translation of Claude Bouchard’s “Molecular and Cellular Regulation of Adaptation to Exercise” is the sole nominee of the Physical Education section. The book has been translated into Persian by Abbas-Ali Gaini, Javad Tolueiazar and Mohammad Hemmatinafar.

Winners receive their awards from the Iranian president every year during a special ceremony, which is organized by his office.

Source:Tehran Times