‘Lean Against This Late Hour,’ by Garous Abdolmalekian (Penguin Books), translated from the Persian by Ahmad Nadalizadeh and Idra Novey will compete at the Pen Award for Poetry in Translation section, IRNA reported.

The winner of this award, “for a book-length translation of poetry from any language into English,” gets $3,000. The judges are Daniel Borzutsky, Marissa Davis, and Meg Matich.

In Pen Translation Prize section, ‘The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree,’ by Shokoofeh Azar (Europa Editions), translated from the Persian by anonymous person will compete for the award.

In Pen Translation Prize section, $3,000 goes to the winner of the best “book-length translation of prose from any language into English.”

Judges are Jacqui Cornetta, Somrita Urni Ganguly, Ana L. Méndez-Oliver, Amanda Sarasien, Niloufar Talebi, and Sevinç Türkkan.

According to bookriot.com, nearly half of the writers on these lists identify as people of color, 60% are women, and half of the titles were put out by university or independent presses.

Notably, this is the first year that a single book appears on three lists: ‘Sharks in the Time of Saviors,’ the debut novel from Kawai Strong Washburn, is longlisted for the Pen/Jean Stein Book Award, the Pen/Hemingway Award for Debut Novel, and the Pen Open Book Award.

‘Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents’ by Isabel Wilkerson is longlisted twice, and so is Asako Serizawa’s ‘Inheritors’ along with ‘Luster: A Novel’ by Raven Leilani.

Award finalists will be announced in February, and the virtual ceremony will take place sometime in the spring, oregonlive.com wrote.

Source: Iran Daily