“From Rey to Damascus” is one of the nominees. It is IRGC senior commander Ahmad Gholami’s account of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war and his fight against the ISIS terrorists in Syria.

The book is the outcome of an interview scholar Ali Mojdehi conducted in 18 sessions with Gholami. The book remained unfinished due to his death in a battle in Syria in 2016.

Another nominee is “From Sharif to Los Angeles”, in which Seyyed Mojtaba Atarodi, an Iranian professor and a suspect in a case of circumvention of the U.S. sanctions on Iran, tells his memories of a 16-month detention in a federal prison in San Francisco.

The book has been published by Sureh-Mehr based on information scholar Parviz Saadati gathered and some interviews he conducted with Atarodi.

“Ten-Eighty”, an account of the devastating floods that struck Khuzestan Province in 2019, has also received a nomination in this category. Meisam Amiri is the author of the book.
Fazlollah Saberi’s book “Frequency 1160” published Sureh-Mehr is also competing in this category. The book covers over one hundred interviews with the hosts of Frequency 1160, a local radio station broadcasting in the southwestern Iranian city of Abadan in the early days of the Iran-Iraq war to encourage civilians in their resistance against the Iraqi invaders. 

“Absolute Value of a Conspiracy” is a survey of the Nojeh Coup, which was attempted on July 9, 1980 by several hundred nationalist Iranian high ranking officers and paratroopers who made their way to the Nojeh air-force base near the city of Hamadan to lead a military revolt against the newly-established Islamic Republic.

The study has been carried out by Shadab Asgari and Esmaeil Qamarian Moammareh.

“Gem of Patience” (“Gohar of Patience”) is a memoir of Gohar ash-Sharieh Dastgheib, a political activist and a former reformist MP of the Iranian parliament after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. Tayyebeh Pazuki is the author of the book.

“My Poor Beloved Country” is top Iranian doctor Ali Shamsa’s travelogue of England, Poland, Cyprus, France, Lebanon, South Africa and several other countries.  

The nominees have been selected by a jury composed of Golali Babai, Mostafa Rahimi and Saeid Allamian.

Source: Tehran Times