One of the books is a Persian translation by Puran Solhekol of Swedish writer Maria Gripe’s 1968 story “The Night Daddy” (“Nattpappan”).

The story is about Julia’s mother who is a nurse, working the night shift. A young writer eagerly signs up for the job as a babysitter. At first, Julia is furious about the arrangement, but is gradually won over by the kind, though eccentric, young man and calls him her “Night Daddy”. They are sharing midnight snacks, training his pet owl and tending an exotic tropical plant known as the Queen of the Night.

“No One Dare to Do That”, a thriller by Hamidreza Shahabadi, is another book of the collection.

It is about a teenage boy who joins his friend to help him take care of his grandfather who is suffering from an illness.

“A Smile for Sophia” by Mohammadreza Marzuqi has also been published in braille. It is about the story of the Polish people migrating to Iran during World War II. 

The collection also includes “Island of the Rude”, which is about the silly behavior of a royal family living in a museum, which was previously a palace. The book has been written by Shahram Shafiei in three volumes.

The IIDCYA also published a Braille version of a selection of nine books earlier in July.

Two collections of poetry by Khatun Hosseini from Iran and Akiko Kageyama from Japan were among the books.

The poetry collection “An Umbrella of Petals” by Afsaneh Shabannejad, “Yellow Crow” by Nasser Keshavarz and “Once There Was a Dog, There Was a Jungle” by Mostafa Rahmandoost were also included.

“The Hunger of the Little Man” by Pierre Delye, “God’s Cookies” by Claire Joubert and “Tickle” by Sepideh Khalili were seen in the collection.

Also included was “Carriage-Riding Sun” by Hossein Bokai.

The young adults can also enjoy “In the Silence of Sands” by Kamal Shafiei, “Goodbye on Autumn Street” by Maryam Eslami and “I Am Less a Man and More a Sparrow” by Habib Nazaari.

Source:Tehran Times