Among the themes are “Books, Library, Librarian, Book Capital”, “Books, Socialization with Reading Promoters” and “Books, Knowledge and Ability”.

“Books, Lifestyle and Safe Society”, “Books, Social Asset and Virtual Space”, “Dynamism with Books and Bookstores” and “Books, Religious Belief and Self-Improvement” are other themes of the book week.

“Knowledge; Eternality” is the motto of the Iran Book Week this year.

The 7th edition of the Reading Promoters Awards is part of the programs arranged to be implemented during the weeklong event.

In addition, top Iranian translators will be awarded during the National Celebration of Translators.

Last year, Mitra Farzad from Iran and Georg Asaturian from Armenia received the Iran Global Translation Awards.

A number of online book fairs are scheduled to be set up, and virtual reading workshops and meetings with writers and translators will be organized during the book week.

Due to the economic recession facing the Iranian publishers, the Managing director of the Association of Educational Publishers has asked the organizers of the Iran Book Week to mitigate the impact with promotional policies nationwide.   

“This week provides an opportunity to help promote reading among the public and encourage people to spend more time reading as they have more spare time during the pandemic era,” Amin Asefi said in a press release on Saturday.   

Iran announces a city as the book capital every year. In addition, ten villages across the country are selected as Book Loving Villages of the Year. 

Shiraz, which is currently Iran’s 2020 Book Capital, will also organize special programs for this week.

The city, which is the hometown of Persian poets Hafez and Sadi, has applied for the title of “World Book Capital” in 2022.

Source: Tehran Times