He sent a message to the Iranian Society of Cultural Works and Luminaries on Iran’s National Day of Persian Poetry and Literature (September 17).

“Language is the manifestation of unity and solidarity and consolidation of the foundations of the nation; and its commemoration leads to national independence of the country.”

Governor General of East Azarbaijan Province also described the renowned Iranian poet Shahriar as an international poet belonging to all humanity, saying that transnational thought and advocacy of human values are the characteristics of his poetry.

Addressing a ceremony marking Iran’s National Day of Persian Poetry and Literature, he added that religiosity and love for the Qur’an and Shia Imams are highly evident through his poetry.

The occasion was the death anniversary of Persian and Azari poet Seyyed Mohammad-Hossein Behjat-Tabrizi (1906-1988), better known by his penname Shahriar.

Shahriar was buried in Maqbaratoshoara (Mausoleum of Poets) which houses the tombs of some notable poets, artists and mystics.

A postage stamp commemorating Shahriar has been designed as part of the programs to honor the great Iranian poet.

Source: Iran Daily