“The story of the book that is set in an invisible or perhaps imaginary environment is more real than any other things in the world,” Mojabi told the Persian service of Honaronline on Sunday.

“It focuses on the marauding capitalist world and those governments whose behavior are different in public and private and their real behavior is what is running in secret, for example, what the French and U.S. governments do in their countries,” he added.

“The armament manufacturers and the need for war in the world are the engines of capitalism… and the novel intends to convey that all citizens should not only regard the apparent and exterior layers of issues but also they should delve deeply into the issues,” he noted.    

He said that he has tried to avoid biased attitudes and noted, “I have tried to describe a global issue without any prejudice or an intention of giving a solution. Judgment and giving a solution are for the majority of people, and a writer should carefully describe an issue as it really is.”

The book has recently been published by Qoqnus in Tehran.

The 81-year old writer, who is also the author of several bestselling novels including “The Undated Notes”, succeeded last month in battling COVID-19.