The fifth edition of the Persian translation of the book has recently been published by Qoqnus Publications in Tehran. It has been translated into Persian by Soheil Sommi. 

This stunning novel brings ancient Persia to life and reveals the captivating story of Cyrus himself, a courageous leader whose passion won the hearts of his subjects and lovers alike. 

The book features an emotional love story and riveting battle scenes and is written with an energy and passion that infuse every page. “I Am Cyrus” brings history alive as few other novels do. It is full of action, passion, comedy, tragedy, and inspiration. Its theme that true cooperation between people is only won through tolerance, is profoundly relevant to our own times.

“I Am Cyrus” is a story that has been close to Jovy’s heart for many years and he recalls his father telling him about ancient Persia and the mysteries it holds: “I was fascinated even then how such an early civilization could have achieved so much and been so unknown to our modern world.”

Born in Berlin, Jovy is an Academy Award-nominated film director and producer of “Holiday Romance”.

Source: Tehran Times