“Raheb posted on his Instagram page on Wednesday saying that his COVID19 test has been positive and that he has been battling with the virus for about two weeks and he has to go to the Atieh Hospital as he is having problems breathing and needs further treatment,” poet Shahab Darabian has said. 

Raheb trained many students in poetry and songwriting out of the talented youth in the country through the establishment of the Vandad Literary Association, Darabian said.

He added that he supported many youths in the poetry and literature fields. 

“His love and support for the young poets and songwriters had drawn the attention of many youths to his literary association, having established a new and modern style in the contemporary poetry and songwriting of the country,” he added. 

Raheb was born in Tehran. He was a graduate of law from the University of Tabriz. He began composing poetry in the 1980s, and due to his having lived 10 years in the city of Tabriz in East Azarbaijan Province, he had a good command of the Azari language.

While he was in Tabriz, he had the opportunity to meet several literati such as Abdollah Vaez and Manuchehr Mortazavi. 

“Part-Time Love” and “Two Cups of Chehel-Giah Distillate” are among the poetry books published by Raheb. 

Source: Tehran Times