Afzali praised the hospital's medical staff for dealing with coronavirus and said: “It seems like the only definitive healing version of corona is that people are encouraged to stay at home to break the chain of transmission. In this way artists can make the most impact by creating a variety of programs”.

“Since the beginning of this movement, a group of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and Iran's National Orchestra musicians, have performed pieces for the audience which these fascinating performances are available online to all people. All performances are recorded in full compliance with the principles of hygiene,” he added.

“coronavirus is a global phenomenon and relief from this calamity is only possible if all nations and countries are treated in a balanced way, to this end, we held a video mapping program at the Azadi Tower in on the subject of solidarity and sympathy with the countries involved with coronavirus on Tuesday, March 31, which received considerable attention from reputable medias such as Anatoly and The Guardian,” he noted.

Afzali explained that in this video mapping, the Tower of Azadi was lit with the flags of the countries involved with the coronavirus. The video was also a message of appreciation to healthcare professionals who are dedicated themselves to fight with corona disease.

The CEO of the Rudaki Foundation noted that interesting artistic programs of We Stay at Home movement will continue.