The plan was announced in a meeting between the director of the center, Mouhanad Khorchide, and Iranian cultural attaché Hamid Mohammadi in Germany, the ICRO announced on Sunday.

Khorchide gave an account of the missions accomplished by the Center for Islamic Theology and the aims of the center.

He said that 900 students, 30 out of which are seeking a Ph.D. degree, are studying at the center. Graduates can work as religious science teachers at schools and imams at mosques across Germany.       

  Khorchide also announced the center’s plan to employ Shia studies professors and change the center into a faculty of Islamic studies in 2021.

On his part, Mohammadi briefed Khorchide about the history of ICRO’s relations with Islamic studies centers around the world and announced the organization’s readiness to link the center with all Iranian organizations concerning Islamic studies.

He noted that cooperation with the Iranian centers for Islamic studies can help improve plans for Islamic studies at the University of Münster.

He also put forward a proposal to establish a center for Shia studies at the university and organize a cultural meeting between Iranian and German academic centers.

Source: Tehran Times