German author Isabel Blanco del Piñal’s book Iran and Al-Andalus: Water Constructions and Paradisiacal Gardens in Ancient Iran was also introduced at the meeting, Iran’s Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) announced on Saturday.

Speaking at the ceremony, Blanco del Piñal talked about art in Persian gardens and knowledge of water in ancient Iran. She also explained the similarities between Persian gardens and gardens in Andalusia.

She also introduced ancient Persian qanats –subterranean aqueducts - and talked about Iranian knowledge of water extraction and refinery in ancient Iran.

Verlag Gisela Fischer RoseNoire Publications in Munich released the book in June 2019.

A short film about some Iranian ancient sites was also screened during the meeting.

In addition, Iran’s cultural attaché Hamid Mohammadi talked about the knowledge of water supply through qanats in desert cities, especially in Yazd.

Source: Tehran Times