The book has been compiled by young author Javad Noruzi and has been translated into 10 different languages, including Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian, the agency announced in a press release published on Tuesday.

It also contains a selection of 120 maps of the Persian Gulf in addition to 10 UN documents related to the ancient bay.

The book will be introduced during a ceremony on March 17 and Noruzi and a number of Iranian cultural officials are expected to attend the ceremony.

Also at the book fair, the London-based Iranian-British publishing house Candle & Fog plans to offer “Tant De Doute Pour Une Evidence”, a book written by Iranian scholar Mohammad-Ali Movahhed on the Persian Gulf. Mithra Farzad is the translator of the book.

The Paris Book Fair will be held from March 15 to 18.

Source: Tehran Times