He received the prize worth $3,000 for his photo story “Breaking News”, the organizers announced on January 8. 

“Breaking News” tells the story of an investigative journalist, Sam, who looks for justice but the wealth and power of the people he is investigating can control him.

“I Am Rohingya” by Mohammad Rakibul Hasan from Bangladesh received the prize for the Documentary Photo Story category, while “With Love August” by Lisa Lyashenko won the prize in the Cinematic Story section.

The prize in the Photo Story without Text category went to “Flower of Hope” by Valerie Sagura and Andrey Shurpin, while the prized in the Photo Story with Text section was presented to “Luna, You Want to Be Mother” by Ivonne Garcia.

The competition is organized every year by the Cine-Books Entertainment, a Ukrainian startup based in Larnaca that offers cinematic books and stories with combinations of different media including photos, videos and audios.

Source: Tehran Times