The 13th International Conference for the Promotion of Persian Language and Literature kicked off at University of Shiraz on Wednesday morning, concurrent with the 22nd commemoration of National Day of Hafez, a highly revered 14th-century Persian poet and mystic whose works of poetry are widely considered as the essence of the Iranian culture.

The conference is attended by a number of researchers, scholars and professors of Persian language and literature, as well as prominent guests from Turkey, Republic of Azerbaijan, Iraqi Kurdistan region, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to the scientific director of the conference, Kavous Hasanli, over 1,100 professors and researchers had submitted papers to the conference, 297 of which were ultimately judged to be fit for CDs and 70 papers for printing in books.

The conference is organized by Association for the Promotion of Persian Language and Literature, and covers special topics on ‘Hafezology’, which discusses the role of Hafez in the development of Iranian culture and Persian language and literature; and ‘Farsology’, dedicated to topics related to languages, dialects and literary heritage of Fars province.

The event is currently underway at University of Shiraz from Oct. 10 to Oct. 12, presenting the latest cultural, scientific and literary research on Persian language and literature.

Source: Mehr News