A large number of friends and colleagues joined his family for a memorial event that began with a speech by his lifelong friend, actor Ali Nasirian.

He divided his collaborating with Entezami into three periods and said, “Entezami and I were very different from each other. He was funny and full of zeal and I was introverted, however, he changed into a serious person at work.” 

“I’m really sad that we have lost this dear friend and colleague… I will never forget him,” he added.

Actors Parviz Parastui, Amin Tarokh, Golab Adineh and Iraj Raad, and producers Harun Yashayai and Fereshteh Taerpur and Entezami Museum House director Shokrekhoda Godarzi also delivered short speeches at the meeting.

“O God, we sent a traveler toward you that was very dear to a nation, and being dear will never occur but by Your will,” Taerpur said.

“Certainly, God will receive him in a better way than we did,” she added.

The occasion came to an end with the donation of Entezami’s cane by his son, Majid, to the Entezami Museum House.

Entezami, the veteran actor of stage and screen who was named “master actor” in his memoirs written by Hushang Golmakani, died in August at the age of 94.   

He was one of Iran’s golden generation of actors such as Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz, Ali Nasirian and Jamshid Mashyekhi and Davud Rashidi, who began his career with acting in traditional Iranian performances at theaters located on Tehran’s Lalezar Street, which was considered as Iran’s Broadway during 1950s and 1960s.

Source: Tehran Times