“I was in North Korean for nine days when the meeting between Jong-un and Trump was held,” he said in an interview published by the Persian daily Farhikhtegan on Monday.

“I traveled to the country as a documentarian along with a political delegation, and the travelogue will likely be my next book, if they [critics] do not bemoan that, once again, I will be concentrating on a bitter story,” he added.

Amirkhani’s latest novel “Re He Sheen” about an architect couple who are in conflict over the unbalanced development of urban life in a metropolis was published by Ofoq last year.

“The key point is that freedom will never be restricted in our country as much as it is in North Korea. In addition, even if our country is conquered by America we will never be like South Korea because we are not as disciplined as the South Korean people.” 

Source: Tehran Times