It is translated by Alessandra Laurenti and published by Portaculturas in Spain, the author announced on her Instagram account.

The book tells the story of a young mother living in a low-income neighborhood in Tehran challenged by her husband’s desire to immigrate to Canada. Born in Tabriz, Vafi, 55, published her first short story collection, “In Depth of the Stage,” when she was 24.

Three years later she released her first novel, “My Bird” for which she received the Golshiri Foundation and Yalda Literary awards. The novel has been translated into English, German, Italian and Turkish and has reached its 30th edition in Iran. It is a fascinating story of life, love, and the demands of marriage and motherhood.

Vafi gives readers some awareness of a woman’s struggle to adapt to the complexities of life and living in modern Iran. She has published six novels and several short stories including The Dream of Tibet, A Secret in Alleys, The Moon is Getting Full and After the End. The author has won the prestigious German LiBeratur Prize, a literary honor that is presented by the Litprom Association in Frankfurt, Germany, for her novel “Tarlan” in 2017.

Source: Financial Tribune