“Heidegger and Christianity: the Hensley Henson lectures, 1993-94” is a book written by Macquarrie (1919-2007), a philosophizing priest, about Hensley Henson (1863-1947), an Anglican priest and scholar who wrote prolifically and at times controversially.

Macquarrie was a Scottish-born theologian, philosopher and Anglican priest. He was once described by English author, lecturer, theologian and tutor in Christian doctrine Timothy Bradshaw as “unquestionably Anglicanism’s most distinguished systematic theologian in the second half of the 20th century.”

Persian translation of the book is in 200 pages. It is rendered by Shahab-ol-Din Abbasi, and released by the Tehran-based publishing house of Parseh Book, Mehr News Agency reported on its Persian website. 

“No philosopher has had more influence on the 20th century theology than (German philosopher) Martin Heidegger (1189-1976). In this lucid little book, Heidegger’s thought is introduced with particular attention given to his views in religion and theology. His major works are discussed, ranging from Being and Time to an interview which appeared posthumously in Der Speigel,” according to the blurb of the English book published by Continuum International Publishing Group headquartered in New York.

Source: Financial Tribune