“I’m Not Father’s Servant” (“Babanin Usagi Degilim”) and “The Emperor of Words” (“Kelimeler Imparatoru”) have been translated by the prolific Turkish translator of Persian literature Nezahat Basci, Akbarpur told the Persian service of MNA on Thursday.

The books have been published by the Istanbul-based publisher Demavend, which is managed by Professor Ali Guzelyuz, a translator of the Divan of Hafez.   

The story of “I’m Not Father’s Servant” is set in a village where a package of money falls from the pocket of an austere and stingy father into a toilet hole. No one wants to go down into the hole to take out the package. He decides to force his children to do the task, causing them to get into a fierce argument.

In “The Emperor of Words”, Akbarpur creates a world without boundaries, and he also becomes one of the characters in his own story, in which he sends his protagonist, a teenage Korean poet, on an odyssey.

Basci has previously translated numerous books from Persian writers, “The Stories of Majid”, “Sweet Jam”, “The Tandoor”, “The Cruse” and “Like the Full Moon” by Hushang Moradi Kermani and “Call Me Ziba” by Farhad Hassanzadeh.

Source: Tehran Times