Based on the MOU, the association, which is involved in socio-cultural activities for migrants in Switzerland, will organize courses on the Persian language, the Sadi Foundation announced in a press release published on Monday.

The association has also agreed to use the educational sources prepared at the foundation and also to apply the same educational standards developed by the foundation in its courses.

Teachers of the association will also receive training at the Sadi Foundation if necessary.

The Sadi Foundation will send teachers to Switzerland to organize workshops on the Persian language. According to the MOU, the institutions will also collaborate on publishing a collection of educational books.

Sahar Ghaleh Assadi, Soha Khoie and Farzaneh Piranviseh, three Iranian women from the canton of Neuchâtel, cofounded the Papillon Association in 2015.

The association also organizes courses on the French language for Iranian and Afghan migrants. 

In 2016, Papillon won the Prix Salut l'étranger-era that is presented by the History Museum, La Chaux-de-Fonds in Neuchâtel.

Source: Tehran Times