“The conference will open on April 13 in Neyshabur, the birthplace of Attar, and will continue the next day, which is Attar National Day this year,” Hassan Bolkhari, the director of the Iranian Society of Cultural Works and Luminaries that is the organizer of the meeting said in a press conference on Monday.

The conference will continue at the society in Tehran on April 16 and bust of Attar is scheduled to be unveiled in the courtyard of the society during the event, he added.

A new edition of Attar’s Khosrow-Nama and a biography of him are also scheduled to be released during the conference.

Attar is also the composer of the masterpieces Asrar-Nama, Mantiq at-Tayr (Conference of the Birds), Mosibat-Nama, Elahi-Nama, Mokhtar-Nama, and Tadkerat al-Awliya.

Source:Tehran Times