A plan to organize a day for the Persian language in Germany and also a day for the German language in Iran was discussed in a recent meeting at the Goethe-Institut Berlin between the director of the foundation’s Europe Department, Zahra Salemi, and the director of the institute, Gabriele Gauler.

The final decision about the plan will be announced to Iran after the Goethe-Institut Berlin makes an in-depth study of the topic. 

“The Sadi Foundation was established based on the necessity for a systematic method that organizations such as the Goethe-Institut, Spain’s Cervantes Institute and France’s Institute Alliance Française are seeking for language learning,” Salemi said at the meeting.

She said that the foundation needs to use the experience the organizations such as the Goethe-Institut have gained over the time.  

The Sadi Foundation is Iran’s official organization tasked with promoting the Persian language and literature overseas.

Source: Tehran Times