Shahnavaz died at a Tehran hospital last Wednesday from injuries he suffered in a fire at his home. He was 80.

The house of Raisali Delvari was registered in the National Cultural Heritage List in 1997 and was also converted into a museum showcasing objects from the armed uprising. 

The Shahnavaz family, which lives in Canada, decided to bury him in the town due to a call from a group of artists in Bushehr Province.

Shahnavaz directed “Braves of Tangestan” in the early 1970s.

He made “The Silent King”, which revolves around the policy made by Qajar king Ahmad Shah after his country’s neutrality was violated by the Allies during World War I.

Shahnavaz was the writer of “The Fateful Night” directed by Shahram Asadi in 2008 about war hero Daryaqoli Surani, who joined the people in Abadan during the early days of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war to prevent his hometown from being captured by Iraqis.

Source: Tehran Times