The Iranian team comprised Hooshang Moradi-Kermani, Tahereh Eybod, Marzieh Soleimani, Jafar Shir-Alinia, Hossein Payandeh and Ali-Asghar Seyyed-Abadi, ISNA reported.

Held at CWA's office, the Chinese side was presented by the CWA chairman and a number of vice-chairmen.

Speaking at the meeting, CWA chairman expressed satisfaction with Iran's participation in BIBF as the Guest of Honor.

He added two months ago, writers from China visited Iran.

"China has entered its golden era in the fields of literature and writing books. The country is where the Silk Road begins. China and Iran had favorable relations with each other at the time the road was in its heydays and that is why, at present, they have close cooperation. The two countries can increase collaboration and exchange opinions in the field of children and young adults literature."

Addressing the same session, Seyyed Abadi said compared to other goods of the country, few Chinese books are exported to Iran.

He hoped that holding similar meetings in the future would lead to initiation of new forms of cooperation between Iran and China in the field of literature and culture.

Source: Iran Daily