Entitled “My Harvest Season”, the documentary follows Salimeh Nasiri, a young agriculture graduate who taught farmers in her hometown of Rahimabad, a village in West Azarbaijan, to fight against corn blight that had hit their farms.

The story of the film begins after Salimeh’s return to her hometown. She learns about some problems facing the villagers and makes every endeavor to find solutions to the problems.

Her success also resulted in a farming boom, thus preventing unemployed young men from migrating to cities.

She also established a fund, which supported village women to launch ventures to produce organic agricultural and dairy products, herbal extracts, fruit chips, jams, tomato paste and many other products.    

“My Harvest Season” was broadcast last week from Mostanad Channel, an IRIB channel dedicated to screening documentary films.

The documentary has previously been screened at the Ammar Popular Film Festival, an event established by a number of Iranian revolutionary figures. It has been named after Ammar Yasir, a close companion of Prophet Muhammad (S).

Amir Nasiri is also the director of several other documentaries, including “Seed of a Dream” and “Behind the High Mountains”.All the documentaries have been produced at the Revayate Fath Cultural Foundation.

Source:Tehran Times