The film also brought Nejati the best director and best screenplay awards. 

“Bonus” is about a student and his friend, who conspire against their math teacher.

Ashkan Fakhari and Soheil Behnam received the best music award for Mohammad Vahdani’s “Last Lullaby in Tehran”, which had received nominations in nine categories. 

The film also brought Puyan Aqababai the award for best cinematography, while the award for best set design was given to Keyvan Moqadam for his cooperation in this movie. 

“Last Lullaby in Tehran” is about a young man, who goes to a photography studio to pick up his ID photos, but the photos he is given don’t look like him at all. Solving the problem in the studio leads to the initiation of a romantic relationship with the receptionist.

Meanwhile, in another part of the studio, the famous Iranian poet and director, Forough Farrokhzad, recite her last poem, just a few hours before she tragically died in a car accident.

Source:Tehran Times