Speaking to the Persian service of MNA, the managing director of the institute, Hamed Haqiqat, said the film is being made by an Iranian-Spanish crew on location in the southern Iranian city of Bushehr.

He gave no additional information about the Spanish side of the project, which is being directed by Hamed Alizadeh.

The fillm entitled ''Metamophosis of Narges'' follows a Spanish artist who, after surviving a wreck on her Persian Gulf cruise, finds herself on the coast of Bushehr.

''Thereafter, some interesting situations arise attracting her to the rituals and cultural and moral values of our country,'' Haqiqat said.

''In this film, we will show the world the strength of our civilization and cultural,'' henoted.

“Some Spanish cultural elements have also been depicted in the film, therefore, this project can be viewed as a cultural collaboration. We have focused on the cultural affinities between the two countries,” he stated. 

He called Alizadeh a young, clear-headed director who has previously made several telefilms.

“We have invested in him, and this project is his first feature film, and so far, he has shone in this work,” he said.

Jamshid Hashempur, the Iranian actor who is mostly famous for his roles in action movies, stars as a captain in the film.

Behnaz Jafari, Pedram Sharifi and Majid Noruzi are the other Iranian members of the cast, which also includes two Spanish actors.

Over the past few years, a number of Iranian cineastes have begun joint productions with several overseas companies after they acknowledged the need for collaboration in the international arena.

“Beyond the Clouds” by Majid Majidi, “Yeva” by Anahid Abad and “1st Born” by Ali Atshani are the latest examples of films Iranian filmmakers have made along with foreign partners.

“Beyond the Clouds” is Majidi’s first India-set movie whose story is set in Mumbai’s impoverished underclass.

He made the movie in 2017 in collaboration with the Indian companies, Zee Studios and Namah Pictures.

“Yeva”, a co-production between Iran’s Farabi Cinema Foundation and the National Cinema Center of Armenia, was shot in Armenia.

The film, which was Armenia’s submission to the 90th Academy Awards in the best foreign-language film category, narrates a melodrama set in the country.

As the first co-production between Iran and America, “1st Born” lays out its comic plot on the difficult relations between Iran and the U.S.  

The story of the comedy is also entirely set in the U.S. with an all-American cast.

Iran also pursues film projects with companies in Serbia, China, Malaysia, Japan and several other countries.

Source:Tehran Times