Directed by Mehrdad Hassani and produced by Hassan Mohammadi, the Iranian short film ''Adjustment'',will take part in the 39th Busan International Short Film Festival.

The festival will take place from April 27th until May 2nd, 2022 hosted by Busan, South Korea.

The film is about a child called ''Shahrukh'' who tries to adapt himself to the truth within him.

The Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF) has been the hub of East Asian short films since 1980, introducing different short films around the world.

The festival aims to discover and introduve distinctive short fillms to the whole world, Busan Festival aims to  discover and introduce distinctive short films to the whole world, Busan Festival is approved by the world's prestigious film academies, this year, 2,548 films from 111 countries were registered in the International section of the festival.

Source:Mehr News