The Iranian short flick has been selected to compete at the third edition of the Beijing International Children’s Film Festival (Golden Flowers Awards) in China.

Directed by Zhivar Farajzadeh, the five-minute flick follows a day in the life of Serok, a young boy, forced to stand in as the shepherd for his father's flock during the summer, reported.

“No matter where we live or what we do, financial struggles usually impact the children most – education suffers; dreams take a back seat. We hope that, at least, Serok gets the opportunity to become a policeman and drive his car. Only time will tell,” a brief plot of the film reads.

Some of the international film festivals attended by ‘Serok’ include the CinéStudent International Film Festival in France, the Inshort Film Festival in the UK, the Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival in the US, the International Children’s Rights Film Festival in Turkey, the Covellite International Film Festival in the US, the Busan International Kids and Youth Film Festival in South Korea, the Cefalù Film Festival in Italy, the Realtime International Film Festival in Nigeria, and the Golden Bull Film Festival in Turkey.

Launched in 2018, the Golden Flowers Awards is on its way to become the largest international children’s film festival in China.

The organizers expect the 2022 edition of the festival to attract more than 10,000 adults and children.

The festival aims to screen the world’s best films for children and offer them to Chinese families and children.

The 2022 edition of the event will be held from March 10-April 10.

Source: Iran Daily