‘Gallu’ won the award jointly with three other films, ‘Aicha’s Dress’ directed by Mohamed Saied, ‘L’acte Ultime’ by Bernard Assako, and ‘Nadie’ by Ana Beyron, ifilmtv.com reported.

The film is about a rural man who accidently finds a piece of meat. And after cooking it, he notices its strange taste. The man crazily searches for another meat that tastes the same, but the quest unleashes a series of catastrophes.

The Indian festival celebrates filmmakers and creators around the world, who take the risk and do experiments in filmmaking.

Tirsahar, who is also producer and composer, studied at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting University in Tehran.

His first film was named ‘Room No. 13,’ which brought him the Audience Award at Lift-Off Global Network Sessions Festival in London and the Jury Special Award at New York Film Academy followed by Best Film Award at the International Section of India's Indogma Film Festival where it was also nominated for Best Background Music.

Source: Iran Daily