A ceremony commemorating an acclaimed cinematic figure, Orod Attarpour held in the 15th edition of the Iran International Documentary Film Festival also known as “Cinema Verite".

Born in 1962 in Tehran, Attarpour is graduated from Shahid Beheshti University. 

He has directed several films including  the “Lost image”,” Ashura in Abyaneh”, “Parnian”, “Maryam”, “Belgheis hair’s feather”, “One Hundred Years of Baladieh”, “The Persian Gulf”, “History of Commerce”, “Crab Beach”, “From Sun to Shams”, “Chicago- Persepolis”, “Black Dream” 

He has produced several works including the “Marginal medicine”, “Hidden Treasures”, “Twenty Nights, “Bihasar Square”, “I Am Dariush”, “The Story of a Thousand Years of a City”, “Golestan Palace”, Flood, “Iran is on the Announcement”, “My House is on the Hill”, “Until the End of the Spring Dark”.

So far he has written several screenplays and done research and press activities.

He has won several awards as follows:

 Best Producer Award from 1st Cinema Verite Documentary Film Festival, 

-Best Documentary Award from the 5th Cinema Verite Documentary Film Festival, 

-Avini Grand Prix, 

-Golden Statue and Diploma of Honor for Best Film from the 18th Tehran International

Film Festival, 

-Honorary Diploma from the Best Research of the 30th Festival Fajr

International Film Festival, 

-The golden statue of the 3rd Kish Documentary Film Festival

He also has snatched awards from prestigious international film festivals such as Krakow and Guangzhou.

He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Documentary Film Producers.