The section will screen nine Iranian films, according to ISNA.

‘The Box,’ by Amin Hosseinpour, ‘Cinema, The Only Shelter,’ by Masiha Abouali, ‘Cutstein,’ Hamidreza Khosh-Bazan, ‘Dedicated to Tehran,’ by Ali Bateni and Armin Tahmasbi, ‘Freeway,’ by Mohammad Akbari, ‘Hoda’s House,’ by Hamed Qasemi, ‘One Twenty, Twelve Hundred,’ by Saeid Zarei, ‘The Recess,’ by Navid Nikkhah-Azad, and ‘Shadow of the Fox,’ by Noushin Meraji are to be competitors.

The mission of the Jacksonville Film Festival is to celebrate motion pictures by discovering and showcasing new talent. It aims to rejuvenate the film industry in Jacksonville by creating an atmosphere that immerses the filmmakers with their audience and community. The festival is an opportunity for filmmakers to be recognized for their cinematic achievements while creating an event to reward the best work submitted to the festival.

Source: Iran Daily