Iranian actress Zhaleh Dorostkar won Best Actress of the Narrative Short Film Award in the South America Awards for the short film, ‘Motherhood,’ held in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Directed by Alireza Pirband, ‘Motherhood’ had its 15th international presence in the competition of the South America Awards, IRNA reported.

The short film has thus far been nominated for various awards, winning four international prizes.

Amir Eskandar, Hani Salehi, and Dara Heydarian are among the cast of the film.

It depicts excerpts from the life of a young mother who struggles for the future of her baby girl in the streets of Tehran.

The festival is not exclusive to South American films. Its intention is to promote an exchange between filmmakers and viewers from around the world. Therefore, film registration is authorized for all countries in the world.