Soelimanzadeh was invited to join the jury members of the Arlington festival including Akasa Stephe Angba, Kate Bernhardt, Alice Bouvrie, Taylor Braun, Shoma Chatterji, Barbara Costa, Zoë Kooyman, Kris Mokwunye, Sandip Pratihar, and Marga Varea.The Arlington festival will be held in Massachusetts from November 4 to 14.

The Global Nonviolent Film Festival is going to be held online in the US from September 23 to October 3.

Shamil Aliyev, Joe Chang, Elio Dell’Unto, and Flynn Donovan will accompany Soleimanzadeh to assess the films at the Global Nonviolent festival.

Soleimanzadeh has already been selected as a member of the jury panel at the Schlingel International Film Festival in Germany, the 10th Dytiatko International Children’s Television Festival in Ukraine, the 44th Göteborg International Film Festival in Sweden, the River International Film Festival in Italy, the Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival in South Korea, the 17th International Short Film Festival Detmold in Germany, the Kolibri International Film Festival for Childhood and Youth in Bolivia, the Directors’ Fortnight and Critics’ Weeks sections of the 74th Cannes Film Festival, and the 44th Drama International Short Film Festival in Greece.

Source: Iran Daily