The films include “Barter”, “Dualpa”, “Good Girl”, “Hanged”, “Love Can’t Be Quarantined”, “Prestige”, “Violet” and “White Clad”.
“Barter” directed by Ziba Karamali and Emad Arad is about Parsa, a 13-year-old boy who is trying to hide a secret from his father. The film depicts a dramatic situation in a family, and how people change when their interests are at stake.

Directed by Mohammadreza Moradi, “Dualpa” is about a young man who meets a bizarre old man while searching for a mythical creature in an Iranian desert. The young man promises to help the old man find the holy book of his tribe in lieu of a treasure. However, the young man has to give him a piggyback ride. 

“Good Girl” by Raheleh Karami tells the story of a good young girl who is forced to face in silence the drama that life places before her.
“Hanged” by Roqieh Tavakkoli is about a 40-year-old woman who weighs 300 pounds and works as a hangman in Yazd Province, Iran.
“Prestige” by Zahra Ahui is about Mahsa, a TV presenter who posts videos of her songs on Instagram anonymously. As a result, she faces a challenge for this decision.

Directed by Ghasideh Golmakani, “Violet” tells the story of Azi, who is alone even if she lives in a big traditional family. Just before the wedding ceremony, Azi notices that her sister’s wedding rings are lost. She tries to find a solution despite her familial problems. 

“White Clad” by Reza Fahimi is about an old woman who brings some sheep cheese to Ahmad, a ten-year-old boy, so that he can give it to his father, who is a teacher, in hopes that his father would intervene and stop them from hanging the woman’s son.

“Love Can’t Be Quarantined” by Jinus Pedram is a love story made based on a plot by Arash Dehqan.

The 4th edition of the Linz International Short Film Festival will take place from September 20 to 25.

Source: Tehran Times