According to the public relations of this work, the short film " The Sea" written and directed by Sahra Ramezanian and produced by Ilia Shams and Mohammad Kazem Shiran will be prepared for presentation in Iran and foreign festivals after its production stages.

The summary of the story of this film is as follows: "A few friends are planning to travel to the north of the country and are preparing for this trip, but ..."

Farzaneh Salahshour, Farzad Alavi, Pouya Haghighi, Sahra Ramezanian are the actors of this short film.

Also Arash Ramezani as director of photography, Pouya Haghighi as editor and sound engineer, Mostafa Sadeghi as assistant director of photography, Mostafa Arian Rad as graphic designer and Mojtaba Rahamian as photographer and behind-the-scenes photographer are the other collaborators of this project.

"The Sea" is Sahra Ramezanian's first film as a director.She has previously acted in the short films "Deer Horn" and "Rima", and has written the screenplay for the movie "Colchicum" and several short films, movies and series as a writer. She is also Active in theater. She has written plays such as "Gad fly", "Death is my business", "The termite queen" and works such as "The barren Songs under the sun", "Vital signs on mars". She has staged "Don Quixote" as a writer and director

"The Sea" is being prepared for submission to prestigious domestic and foreign festivals after passing the production stages.

Also, the educational and artistic series CNG TV London (England) is present in this film as a financial and spiritual sponsor.