Starring Faraz Modiri, Payman Naeimi, Anita Baqeri, Paniz Esmaeili and Khorshid Cheraghipur, the film is about Saghi and her two friends, who have come to the largest park in Tehran to take pictures of the one-in-a-century total eclipse announced later in the afternoon. 

Mischievous and rebellious, they steal a camera stand, lie to their parents and discuss boys as well as an upcoming party. Their wanderings lead them to a remote part of the park. As the sun disappears, Saghi sees something that should have stayed hidden.

Co-organized by Diero Film Production and the Olbia Film Network every year, the Figari Film Fest is dedicated to short cinema by young and independent filmmakers.

Fifteen movies are competing in the international section of the festival, which opened on Saturday and will run until June 24.

Source:Tehran Times